Camp Chef HWDS Triton Tankless Camping Shower

Camp Chef HWDS Triton

The Camp Chef HWDS Triton is a great option for showers and for cleaning up your camp site. Basically, this is one of the best tankless camping showers on the market today. This shower, like other tankless models, requires a source of running water – like a garden hose or RV plumbing system – to work, but it heats the water for you in just seconds. This shower is an excellent option for showering at the campground, and, of course, it’s also nice for the camp chef who wants to use hot water to clean up camp dishes.

Features of the Camp Chef HWDS Triton

One of the main features of the Camp Chef HWDS Triton is that it is self-standing because it comes with its own base. This is incredibly convenient, and this feature sets it apart from many of the other tankless showers on the market. It can get water between eighty and a hundred and fifty degrees with the adjustable temperature, and it puts out 1.5 gallons per minute, as long as you have at least 20psi of water pressure behind it.

Features Include:

  • Self standing with its own base
  • Heats water to between eighty and one hundred fifty degrees
  • Adjustable temperature settings
  • 1.5 gallons per minute output

Camp Chef HWDS Triton Tankless Camping Shower

What are Reviewers Saying?

One thing reviewers love about this tankless shower is how easy it is to use, and they also like the fact that it runs on easy-to-find D cell batteries. Besides this, reviewers love how the Triton heater gets water hot in literally seconds, and how it has an adjustable shower head. Plus, this shower automatically ignites when the water is turned on, so you don’t have to mess with it for long to get it going.


  • Easy to use
  • Runs on D cell batteries
  • Heats water in seconds
  • Includes adjustable shower head
  • Automatically ignites when water is turned on


  • This unit needs to be shielded from the wind, as it doesn’t work very well in windy weather. However, it’s not too difficult to create a shield for the unit when using it outside.
  • You must make sure you have at least 20psi coming into the water line, or this unit won’t work. The company is clear about that requirement, but some people think it’s like a battery-operated shower pump that can pump water from a stream or bucket, and this is not the case.

Is This the Perfect Tankless Shower for Your Needs?

The Camp Chef HWDS Triton is a great shower if you already have a pressurized water source and want to be able to have hot water quickly. Just make sure you’re going to use it where it can attach to a garden hose or RV water line, so that you can use this shower effectively. This is a great unit that works very well, and it’s actually quite a bit lighter than many others on the market, so it’s easy to haul with you to the campground.

HWDS Triton Best Price & Availability

You’re not likely to find the Camp Chef HWDS Triton anywhere locally, but you can definitely find it online, and you’ll get the best price online, too. Find today’s best price on this tankless camping shower here!

Camp Chef HWDS Triton Best Price

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