Zodi Zip Propane Camping Showers

Zodi Zip Propane Camping Showers

Unfortunately Zodi Zip Propane Camping Showers have been discontinued – but the good news is that there are still some potentially good deals available – while they last. While the Zodi Zip is an excellent propane camping shower, the new Zodi Hot Tap models are even better.

You’ll want to be sure and check out the Best Propane Camping Showers page to see how the new Zodi models measure-up to all the other propane camping showers currently on the market.

Zodi Zip Propane Camping Showers Description

The Zodi Zip Propane Camping Showers are powered by 4 D batteries. They are fitted with propane cylinder which heats water. You can access hot water anywhere and at a time of your convenience. If you want a steaming hot shower, you can turn the cylinder valve all the way and get real hot water. The assembly comes with stabilizing legs. It is easy to store and use. Discussed below are the features of the product.

Zodi Zip Features

  • A comprehensive hot water system, including pumping from the water source, heating and a shower head
  • Push button ignition
  • Adjustable water temperature
  • Water pump with a mesh screen to filter out debris
  • Sturdy base support
  • Submersible water pump
  • Battery box with switch
  • 16.4 oz Propane cylinder
  • A rust proof burner

Zodi Zip Propane Camping Showers Review

What to Look For in The Best Camping Showers

The best camping showers are reliable, easy to use, and functional. Zodi Zip Propane Camping Showers meet all of these requirements which is why we consider all the Zodi outdoor products to be among the best options on the market. However, the Zodi Zip does have a few advantages and disadvantages. Its biggest benefit is the ease of use and handling, apart from instant hot water.


  • Heats water up to 100 degrees when the propane cylinder is run on full steam
  • Its double energy source heats water better
  • Other water pumps can also be used to run this shower
  • The push button assembly makes it easy to use
  • The legs provide good stability to the shower
  • Water temperature is adjustable
  • It is affordable
  • Easy to handle and use
  • The whole assembly is light and easy to carry
  • A storage bag is included and is convenient for travel


  • The powerful and quick heating can get the water scalding in a very short time. You can simply turn the gas valve down to lower the water temperature. This will give you comfortably warm water for showering and save the hoses from potential damage.

Zodi Zip Propane Camping Showers are among the most affordable propane hot water solutions for the outdoors available, but are unfortunately being discontinued. Luckily there are some even better options now available like the single burner Zodi Hot Tap and the, all-season, 2-burner option, the Zodi Hot Tap HP propane camping shower.

Best Price & Availability

Zodi camping showers can be found at some outdoor/specialty stores. The best place for availability, as well as the best price is obviously online. Click here for the current best price.

Zodi Zip Propane Camping Showers Sale

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