Zodi Hot Tap HP Propane Camping Showers

Zodi Hot Tap Hp Propane Camping Showers

Zodi Hot Tap HP Propane Camping Showers are some of the fastest-heating on the market, especially since they come with a two-burner option that can take water from just above freezing to shower-hot in just a few minutes. Like other propane showers, they are quite a lot to haul around. However, they fit into a four-gallon storage tank, which doubles as a water tank for when you’re ready for an actual shower. The four gallons is enough water for you to basically take a ten minute shower, so if you’re looking for hot showers and don’t mind them being a bit shorter, these showers are a great option.

Features of the Zodi Hot Tap HP Propane Camping Showers

The Zodi Hot Tap is great because it heats up so quickly. It also runs on batteries which means you can use it even if you don’t have electricity to get a hot shower. One of the great features of these showers is the versatility with propane tanks. They can run off of two 16.4 ounce cylinders or one five-gallon tank, which takes a special kit to hook up. Be sure and check-out the Best Propane Camping Showers page to see how the Zodi Hot Tap HP measures up to all the other propane camping showers.

Features Include:

  • Heats up fast – even in cold conditions
  • 20,000 BTU’s ensure HOT water in even the coldest environments
  • Runs on batteries for extra convenience
  • Can run off two 16.4 ounce propane cylinders or one five-gallon tank
  • One and two burner options for versatility

Zodi Hot Tap Hp Propane Camping Showers Review

What Makes These Some of the Best Camping Showers?

Something reviewers particularly like about the Zodi Hot Tap HP Propane Camping Showers is that they’re an all-in-one solution, and everything you need to heat water and pump your shower is right there. You even get the bucket to put your shower water in! The temperature adjustment is also great, since you can easily get the water steaming hot. The pushbutton ignition on the water pump is also nice, since it makes the entire showering experience a little quicker and more convenient.


  • Everything you need to heat and pump a shower in one
  • Temperature adjustment gets you really hot water
  • Pushbutton ignition on pump is easy to start


According to some reviews, the shower is a little inconvenient because you can’t actually control the water pump while you’re showering. You have to essentially have someone else turn it on when you get in and off when you get out. As long as you’re traveling in a group, this isn’t really a big deal, and you really can do it yourself if you take a slightly shorter shower and leave it running for just a few seconds when you aren’t in the shower.

Is the Zodi Hot Tap HP Right for You?

The Zodi Hot Tap HP is a great propane shower option for all-season campers that don’t let a little cold weather keep them from doing the outdoor activities they love. With it’s double burner it has enough horse power to heat water in even the coldest environments. Of course, that extra power comes at an additional cost, so if you’re more of a warm-weather-only camper, you can save a few bucks by going with the less expensive single burner version, the Zodi Hot Tap propane camping stove.

Best Price and Availability

Propane showers like the Zodi Hot Tap are available from some specialty camping stores, but they can be a little tough to find. You’ll have an easier time finding them, and will probably get a better price, too, if you shop online. Just click here to get today’s best price on Zodi Hot Tap HP Propane Camping Showers now and save today!

Zodi Hot Tap Hp Propane Camping Showers Sale

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