Zodi Hot Tap Propane Camping Showers

Zodi Hot Tap Propane Camping Showers

Zodi Hot Tap Propane Camping Showers are among the best camping hot water producers for the outdoors. Showering with freezing lake or river water in cold camping conditions is a very unappealing prospect. A good hot shower with hot water at the break of day, or the end of a day in a cold campsite is a luxury. With Zodi Hot Tap Propane Camping Showers, you can enjoy this luxury. Zodi actually offers two versions of their Hot Tap series . They offer the single-burner model, as well as their Zodi Hot Tap HP model that has double burners for all-season / all temperature use.

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Zodi Hot Tap Propane Camping Showers – Features

Zodi Hot Tap Propane Camping Showers basically have three parts. A pumping tube fixed to a water pump that goes in to the water source, a propane cylinder that heats water and a hose with a shower head. This camping shower provides instant hot water at campsites. Simply insert the tube into the water source and switch on the push button ignition assembly. Hot water will instantly be yours. The features of this camping shower are mentioned below.

  • A clever 4 gallon container that stores the unit and functions as a water tank to hold water
  • Powerful propane water heater
  • A hose with a shower head
  • 6 Volt Water Pump
  • Easy to use and quick hot water

Zodi Hot Tap Propane Camping Showers Review

Instant Hot Water Makes for The Best Camping Showers

Propane camping showers are among the best camping showers because many of them have the ability to deliver hot water on-demand. Unlike solar shower bags that can take hours to heat the water, Zodi Hot Tap Propane Camping Showers provide instant hot water, on demand. In other words, you get hot water when you want it.

The biggest drawback with this propane camping shower is that its single-burner design can only increase water temperature by 30 – 40 degrees. Zodi makes a more powerful version that features double burners for colder climates. A popular alternative solution for the single-burner Zodi Hot Tap is to simply re-cycle the water through the heater. In other words, place both the intake, and output hoses into the water container to pre-heat the source water. This works surprisingly well because each time the water passes through the heater its temperature is raised another 30 – 40 degrees.


  • Compact assembly with water source container and pump included
  • Uses standard-size propane tanks
  • Easy usage
  • Hot water on demand, no need to wait
  • Reasonably Priced
  • Backed by Zodi Warranty


  • Single burner design limits maximum water temperature. Recycling water through the heater can overcome this. Otherwise you may want to consider the Zodi Hot Tap HP propane camping shower which is the more powerful 2-burner model designed for all seasons.

The Zodi Hot Tap Propane Camping Showers provide hot water within seconds. While camping with kids, having hot water at the ready is very useful. Since the water temperature is good, it can be used to wash dishes. It is independent of the climate and even when the weather and water is really cold, you can recycle the water through the heater to get a super-hot shower.

Best Price and Availability

Other than specialty outdoor camping stores, Zodi Hot Tap Propane Camping Showers are rarely carried at offline retail stores. The best availability and best deals are going to be found online. Be sure and check here for the Current Best Deal.

Zodi Hot Tap Propane Camping Showers Sale

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