Coleman Propane Camping Showers

Hot Water on Demand Coleman Propane Camping Showers provide more than just a hot shower at the campsite. The Coleman Hot Water on Demand is an all-in-one hot water producer for the outdoors. Whether you’re showering at camp after a long day of hiking or mountain biking, washing the dishes around the campfire, or giving the dog a bath in the backyard, Coleman’s Hot Water on Demand propane camping showers come with an impressive feature set you won’t find elsewhere.

Out-of-the-box, the heating unit is fueled by standard 16.4-ounce propane cylinders and the water pump is powered by a 6V rechargeable battery. Combined, 1 charge and 1 standard propane tank will produce up to 40 gallons of hot water up to 160 F. With additional adapters the unit can be setup to use larger, bulk, propane tanks, and connected to a continual source of water (such as a faucet) for uninterrupted use.

The Coleman Hot-Water-On-Demand is one of our top rated propane camping showers. Be sure and check out the Best Propane Camping Showers page to see how the Coleman propane camping shower rates against the other options currently on the market.

The Hot Water on Demand unit is not a small & lightweight camping shower. Coleman propane camping showers are built rugged and weigh ~25 pounds which makes them better suited for car camping and base camp use opposed to backpacking and hiking trips. Despite its heavy weight, the self-contained unit is rather compact and easy to transport. The AC charging adapter and DC cigarette-lighter charging adapter store nicely in the convenient side panel, and the standard-sized propane tank mounts directly inside the unit without the need for messy hoses or impossible to find adapters.

Unique Features

  • Hot water within 5 seconds
  • Convenient built-in Piezo electronic ignition
  • Easy to use variable temperature control from “warm”, to “scalding hot” (160F)
  • Spout that swings out – just like the kitchen sink at home

Coleman Propane Camping Showers Include

Hot Water on Demand Coleman Propane Camping Showers come with a collapsible 5-gallon water container and the rechargeable 6V battery for the pump. To use as a propane camping shower you’ll want to also get the spray adapter which is sold separately. Some of the other Coleman accessories available include a carry case (highly recommend this), water hose adapter, and an adapter to connect to larger, bulk-size propane containers.

Coleman Propane Camping Showers Review

Pros and Cons

As with all recreational camping equipment, Coleman propane camping showers have their pros and cons.


  • Heats cold water to 100 F within 5 seconds (no need to wait)
  • Self Contained
  • Ease of use
  • Versatility – works for hot showers as well as washing dishes & even pets
  • Uses standard 16.4-oz propane tanks
  • Rechargable Battery & chargers included


  • Too heavy & bulky for backpacking or hiking
  • Shower spray adapter sold separately (~$14)

Hot Water on Demand Coleman Propane Camping Showers

There are not that many propane camping showers on the market. The leaders are Coleman and Zodi. Hot Water on Demand Coleman Propane Camping Showers stand-out because of their versatility and ease of use. Though they may not be the ideal choice for camping trips where size and weight of your gear is your primary concern (hiking, back packing, kayaking, cycling, climbing, etc… ) , they are perfect for car camping trips and base camp situations where weight is less of an issue.

Hassle-free use & operation are what make Coleman Propane Camping Showers the perfect solution for those that just want to enjoy the outdoors without over-complicating things. Unlike solar camping shower bags that can require hours of sunshine to heat just a few gallons of water, the Hot Water on Demand gives you just that, “instant hot water -when you want it”. Just add water, click the igniter, and presto… within 5 seconds you’ve got hot water. Perfect for camping showers, and great for doing the dishes too!

Best Deal for Coleman Propane Camping Showers

The Hot Water on Demand Coleman Propane Camping Showers are available at some offline retailers but the best deals are obviously going to be online. When you order online you can often get free shipping and avoid sales tax. Order your Coleman Propane Camping Shower right now and you’ll have it delivered before you know it!

Coleman Propane Camping Showers Sale

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