Texsport Hilo Hut Camping Shower Enclosure

Texsport Hilo Hut Camping Shower Enclosure

The Texsport Hilo Hut Camping Shower Enclosure is an inexpensive privacy-shelter option for the campground or the beach. The Hilo Hut doesn’t have as many cool showering features as some of the better shower enclosure tents on the market, and it can be a little troublesome to assemble. It’s a relatively low-tech, low-cost option.

We recently did an intense evaluation of all the current camping shower enclosures available to find the best models. Unfortunately the Hilo Hut didn’t quite make the cut. It can be difficult to set-up and too many users reported “low-quality” issues, with the fiberglass poles breaking primarily. Be sure and have a look at our Best Camping Shower Enclosures report before deciding on which model is best for you.

We evaluated them all to determine the most functional, reliable, and best value to hopefully make it a little easier for you to decide on just the right camping shower enclosure for you.

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Features of the Texsport Hilo Hut Camping Shower Enclosure

One great feature of the Texsport Hilo Hut Camping Shower Enclosure is that it’s one of the more lightweight options out there are just five pounds, where many shower tents weigh closer to ten. It doesn’t seem like a lot, but when you’re hauling things to the campground or beach, it makes a difference. Another feature is the mesh windows and vents, which can be opened or closed, whereas many of these tents have vents that are permanently open. Plus, you get an interior mesh storage pocket, which is nice for showering supplies.

Features Include:

  • Lightweight at just five pounds total
  • Mesh windows and vents can be opened or closed
  • Mesh storage pocket for showering/toilet supplies inside

Texsport Hilo Hut Camping Shower Enclosure Review

How Does The Hilo Hut Stack-Up to the Best Camping Showers?

For the money, the Hilo Hut is a decent value – you just have to know what you’re getting. It has a simple pin-and-ring frame system, so if you’ve ever set up a regular tent, you can figure this one out. It can also be used with different types of showers, and can be packed into its own carrying case. It’s nothing fancy, but reviewers like that it’s easy to use.


  • Pin-and-ring frame system is easy to put together
  • Can be used with different types of camping showers
  • Packs into a convenient carrying case


According to some reviews, the poles for the Hilo Hut aren’t the strongest out there, and it may not stand up to heavy use. You probably also shouldn’t try to hang a solar shower bag from it. However, if you set it up according to the directions, you should have few problems with light use.

Is the Texsport Hilo Hut Right for Your Family?

The Texsport Hilo Hut Camping Shower Enclosure is one of the best camping showers for the money, since it’s a very affordable option. If your group or family is looking for a shower hut, changing tent, or private toilet area but doesn’t need to use it that often, it’s a great option. Just don’t plan on getting lots of cool features or taking this one out year after year, as you can with some sturdier, more expensive camping showers like the Paha Que tents.

Get the Best Availability and Price

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Texsport Hilo Hut Camping Shower Enclosure Sale

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