Texsport Deluxe Camping Shower Enclosure

Texsport Deluxe Camping Shower Enclosure

The Texsport Deluxe Camping Shower Enclosure is an affordable shower enclosure option that includes some of the features that set apart higher-priced options on the market. Though it isn’t the cheapest option on the market, it won’t break the bank, either. It’s also one of the few square-style tents, rather than tepee style, which means it doesn’t get narrower and more restrictive as it moves upwards. This makes it a more comfortable option for many users.

Features of the Texsport Deluxe Camping Shower Enclosure

One of the stand-out features of the Texsport Deluxe is that it will support a five gallon solar shower, which is larger than most other camping shower tents will support. It also features a removable polyurethane floor, which makes cleanup and packing easier and which allows you to use it over bare ground if you prefer. The shower comes with stakes, a rain cover, and a bag for convenient carrying.

Features Include:

  • Will hold five gallon solar shower
  • Removable polyurethane floor
  • Stakes, rain cover, and bag included for convenience

Texsport Deluxe Camping Shower Tent Review

Is This One of the Best Camping Showers?

The Texsport Deluxe Camping Shower Enclosure may be one of the best camping showers if you’re looking for something affordable with more room than your average teepee style shower enclosure. It has a few convenient features, including ventilation and a towel rack outside. If you’re looking for an all-in-one deal, this is a good one, since it comes with a five gallon solar shower bag. The tent is also relatively simple to assemble, so that one person can do it with a bit of practice.


  • Affordable
  • Larger than a teepee style enclosure
  • Ventilation and towel rack
  • Comes with solar shower bag
  • Easy to assemble


  • Many users complain that the Texsport Deluxe Shower Tent doesn’t hold up well over time, and that it may only last for one or two trips before the poles start breaking. If you’re looking for an inexpensive shower tent that will hold a shower bag and give you more room for one or two trips, though, it’s the best option out there.
  • This shower enclosure is one of the heaviest on the market, at about nineteen pounds. If you’re car camping, it’s not a huge deal. If you have to walk any distance to your campsite, though, this may not be the shower tent for you.

Is the Texsport Deluxe Camping Shower Enclosure Right for You?

Texsport Deluxe Camping Shower Enclosure tents are the best camping showers for families who are looking for a large, relatively affordable shower tent for light camping experiences. While many complain of problems with durability, some users have gotten plenty of use out of it with no problems. If you want a higher quality option that will last for many camping trips to come, you’re better off paying more for a Paha Que tent, though, since they’re known for durability.

Get the Best Availability and Price

While some local retailers might carry the Texsport Deluxe, you probably won’t be able to find it in person. Instead, shop online, where it’s always available, and where you’ll get the best price. Find today’s best price on the Texsport Deluxe Shower Tent here.

Texsport Deluxe Camping Shower Enclosure Sale

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