Paha Que Grey Fiberglass Camping Shower Enclosure

Paha Que Grey Fiberglass Camping Shower Enclosure

The Paha Que Grey Fiberglass Camping Shower Enclosure is the best-of-the-best when it comes to camping shower enclosures.

What sets the Paha Que Tepee camping shower enclosures apart from the rest is the fact that they are designed – first, as camping shower tents, and second, as privacy shelters and camping toilet tents.

This means the Paha Que Tepees have more, well-thought-out, “shower-related” features than any other alternative. And, not only do they have features that are actually beneficial for camping showers, they’re also designed with the utmost durability in-mind. Built of rugged 150D polyester oxford weave with polyurethane waterproofing – the new Paha Que tents are some of the most heavy-duty camping shower tents currently available. And the best part – at just 10 pounds, they are the lightest-weight options.

We recently did a “research-intensive” review of all the currently available camping shower enclosures to find the 5 best for this year and both of the new Paha Que models made the cut with flying colors.

We just completed a rigorous evaluation of all the current camping shower enclosures to find the most functional, reliable, and best value to hopefully make it a little easier for you to decide on the right camping shower enclosure for you.

Check out the Best Camping Shower Enclosures page to see how the new Paha Que Tepee’s compared against all the other models

The Paha Que Grey Fiberglass Camping Shower Enclosure is a comprehensive product, which stands 94 inches tall from the inside, with a 36 square inch base pyramid like roof and a 54 square inch floor. It has zippered flaps which can be opened to let the sun in to heat the solar shower bags. The shower enclosure weighs around 12 pounds. Some of the features in the enclosure like the detachable waterproof floor and a shower hanger on the roof will give you a convenient shower. Side flaps for ventilation and pockets on three sides to store shower essentials are the other features. It is collapsible and can easily be stored in a zippered carrying bag provided with it.

Paha Que Grey Fiberglass Camping Shower Enclosure Features

Pah Que shower enclosures make some of the best camping showers currently on the market. Unlike many “cheaper” alternatives, Paha Que tents are constructed of the highest quality materials and are built to last. Because they are designed specifically for use with portable showers they also contain many features that you won’t find in the low-quality alternatives.

  • Strong side walls with 150 D polyester weave
  • Detachable waterproof floor, which makes it suitable for showering, changing and to use as a latrine
  • Fiber glass poles for strength
  • Separate pockets for storing both wet and dry things
  • A pyramid shaped roof, which can hold a 5 gallon shower bag
  • Accessories for drying towels and hanging toiletries
  • Strong weather resistant wall, floor and roof material

Paha Que Grey Fiberglass Camping Shower Enclosure Review

What Makes Paha Que Tents the Best Camping Showers

Paha Que tents are among the best camping showers. The Paha Que Grey Fiberglass Camping Shower Enclosure is a convenient multipurpose privacy tent. Its comprehensive design allows one to vary the usage patterns according to need. This camping shower enclosure works equally as well as a privacy changing tent and a camping shower tent.

  • Constructed of high quality material
  • Multipurpose floor
  • Multipurpose roof which can be opened up to heat solar shower bags
  • Easy and compact to carry
  • Quick and simple installation
  • Good ventilation option with zippered flaps
  • A cloths line is provided
  • Spacious interior

One feature that sets the Paha Que Grey Fiberglass Camping Shower Enclosure apart from other portable camping shower tents is its unique set of ground clamps. These clamps secure the tent on any kind of soil with equal efficiency. So, the shower enclosure will be as safe in the open desert as on a riverbank. The instructions provided for setting up the enclosure are very clear and if followed properly, it takes less than 5 minutes to install it. The makers of this product have done their homework and covered all major campsite sanitation needs.

They also offer this design with aluminum poles for the ultimate in light-weight & durability. Check out the Paha Que Grey Aluminum Camping Shower Enclosure.

The Paha Que Grey Fiberglass Camping Shower Enclosure is a useful accessory in campsites. It takes care of all your sanitary needs and provides a clean space for changing and showering.

Paha Que Best Price and Availability

Paha Que tents are carried by some specialty camping/outdoor retailers but the best price and availability will obviously be found online. Click here for Today’s Best Price.

Paha Que Grey Fiberglass Camping Shower Enclosure Sale

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