Grand Trunk Dunny Camping Shower Enclosure

Grand Trunk Dunny Camping Shower Enclosure

The Grand Trunk Dunny Camping Shower Enclosure is a multi-purpose shower aid that serves as a shower enclosure, a changing room and a camping toilet tent. The “Dunny” easily solves the important campsite restroom issues, with room to spare.

Considering its spacious-size and rugged durability when fully erected, at just 11 pounds, it’s surprisingly still one of the lighter-weight options – making it easy to pack-in.

There are a number of things that set the Grand Trunk Dunny apart from other options – one of which is how quickly this tent can be assembled (and taken down). The Dunny uses a unique “integrated-pole” system that let’s you literally erect it in less than 1 minute.

After recently doing an intensive evaluation of all the current camping shower enclosures – the Grand Trunk Dunny is one of only 5 camping shower enclosure models to make the cut.

We evaluated them all to determine the most functional, reliable, and best value to hopefully make it a little easier for you to decide on just the right camping shower enclosure for you.

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Features of the Grand Trunk Dunny Camping Shower Enclosure

The Grand Trunk Dunny Camping Shower Enclosure is a spacious shower stall with a 65 square inch floor, which gives it a width of more than 5 feet and is 83 inches tall. The assembly is aided by pre-attached guylines and durable fiber glass poles. The features of the Grand Trunk Dunny Camping Shower Enclosure are listed below.

  • Sturdy guyline-based installation
  • Fiber glass poles for durability and easy installation
  • Two windows on the adjacent sides of the door flap for ventilation
  • A hanger for hanging solar shower bags up to 3 gallons is provided
  • Provision for a clothes line
  • Inside pockets for storing essentials

Grand Trunk Dunny Camping Shower Enclosure Review

Pros and Cons

There are a lot of features to look for in the best camping showers. The advantages of using a Grand Trunk Dunny Camping Shower Enclosure are many.


  • Interiors are very spacious. Provides standing room for 3 to 4 adults
  • Light and easy to carry in a backpack
  • Flap windows for ventilation
  • A 3 gallon solar shower bag can be easily hung overhead from strong supports
  • Pockets inside the tent keep essentials organized and clean
  • Can be folded into a small bag for easy transportation


  • Its guylines supported installation gives strength and stability to the enclosure. You only need to get used to the correct process of installation to set the tent up in a very short time even in rough and windy weather.
  • The materials used for walls are light and although a bit transparent at nights when the lights go on, the comfortable weight makes it easy to carry it around.

Grand Trunk Dunny Features

The Grand Trunk Dunny Camping Shower Enclosure is a useful camping accessory when you go on camping expeditions with small kids. Owing to its spacious interiors, this shower enclosure can be used as a dining place for 2 or 3 people during sudden rainstorms. It is large enough to accommodate a small table with a couple of chairs. You need to figure out the installation procedure the first time you install it. Although the poles are pre-attached, you may have problem figuring out the right side up the first time you use it. So, it will do you good to install it once prior to taking off to the camp. In bad weather conditions, more than one person is needed for installation. All in all, it is a handy campsite accessory.

Best Price and Availability

The Grand Trunk Dunny is not carried at many retail stores. The best place for availability, as well as price, is obviously online. Click here to get today’s best price now and save yourself a few bucks.

Grand Trunk Dunny Camping Shower Enclosure Sale

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