Cleanwaste Go Anywhere Camping Shower Enclosure

Cleanwaste Go Anywhere Camping Shower Enclosure

The Cleanwaste Go Anywhere Camping Shower Enclosure is one of the more durable camping shower tents currently on the market. It is light weight, easy to pack, easy to pitch, and rugged enough to stand up to some of the most challenging weather conditions. What sets the Cleanwaste tent apart from most other camping shower enclosures is its comprehensive design and attention to quality and functionality. Unlike many of the “cheaper” options available, this camping shower tent is built to sustain the rigors of harsh outdoor use.

Unfortunately, due mostly to the fact that the Cleanwaste enclosure is first a camping toilet tent, and second – a camping shower enclosure, it doesn’t have many of the features a great camping shower tent should have.

We recently did a “research-intensive” review of all the currently available camping shower enclosures to find the 5 best and the Cleanwaste Go Anywhere enclosure didn’t quite make the cut – mainly because it doesn’t have a floor (good for a toilet tent – not good for a camping shower tent) and the fact that the ventilation windows are a little too low to provide “proper” privacy while standing & showering.

We evaluated them all to determine the most functional, reliable, and best value to hopefully make it a little easier for you to decide on the right camping shower enclosure for you.

Check out our Best Camping Shower Enclosures page to see how the “best” measure up against each other.

The Cleanwaste Go Anywhere Camping Shower Enclosure Features

Standing 6 and a half feet tall, the Cleanwaste Go Anywhere Camping Shower Enclosure is tall enough to comfortably accommodate even the tallest members in your camping party. Nobody likes to have to hunch over in the shower, it’s not comfortable, and it’s not good for your back. Aside from its generous height, it has a 4 square foot base with a zippered door that is 64 inches long. The design of the Cleanwaste Go Anywhere Camping Shower Enclosure is compact and has cleverly integrated poles – a nice feature that prevents “all-those-pieces” from being misplaced by keeping everything conveniently kept together.

  • Fast and easy, One-Man set-up with patented push-up pole technology
  • Sealable roof flap to accommodate an external shower hose
  • Integrated solar camping shower bag hanger
  • Three windows provide ample cross ventilation + curtains for privacy
  • Built-in internal pockets hold soap shampoo, and other bathing essentials
  • Made of fire retardant material

Cleanwaste Go Anywhere Camping Shower Enclosure Review

Pros and cons

All camping equipment has a few pros and cons, but to be completely honest, finding disadvantages of the Cleanwaste Go Anywhere camping shower enclosure is a tough task to say the least. Sure, it would be nice if it had a built-in heater and brewed a cup of coffee for you while you showered, but seriously. For a camping shower enclosure the Cleanwaste tent is a tough one to beat.


  • Ridiculously fast and simple to setup
  • Cleverly integrated poles not only make assembly stupid-fast and easy, but also keep all parts conveniently together, in one place.
  • Reasonably light weight and easy to carry (Just 7 pounds!)
  • Fire retardant material makes it safe around camp fires
  • Doubles as a camping toilet tent
  • Tie-down ropes and stakes includes
  • Storage bag included


  • Does not include a floor or tarp
  • Higher price tag than the lower quality options


The Cleanwaste Go Anywhere Camping Shower Enclosure is the perfect solution for any one that spends time camping in the outdoors. It is easy to assemble, compact and light-weight to transport, and functions equally well as a portable camping shower enclosure, a privacy changing tent and a camping toilet tent. There are certainly plenty of other camping shower enclosure options available, but you won’t find a better one. It truly is one of the best camping showers currently on the market. Unlike the less expensive models, it’s built to last. Often you get what you pay for, and with the Cleanwaste Camping Shower Enclosure you can rest assured that you’ll get your money’s worth and more with its rugged design and its long life span.

Cleanwaste Tent Availability and Pricing

The Cleanwaste Go Anywhere Camping shower enclosure is not available at most offline retail stores. Your best bet for availability, as well as the best deal is obviously going to be online. Click here to see the best current deal. Order yours now.

Cleanwaste Go Anywhere Camping Shower Enclosure Sale

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