Sea to Summit Pocket Shower

Sea To Summit Pocket Shower

The Sea to Summit Pocket Shower is a super lightweight and compact shower option with great shower pressure that’s nice for backpackers or backcountry campers. The shower weighs under half a pound, and it packs into a three inch by six inch pouch! It’s easy to use and is simple to set up no matter where you’re camping. Here’s what you need to know about the Sea to Summit Pocket Shower.

Features of the Sea to Summit Pocket Shower

The Sea to Summit Pocket Shower is a simple-to-use camping shower bag that offers about eight and a half minutes of shower water with the head fully open. It’s easy to set up wherever you are, and it’s super lightweight so you can take it many places.

Other Features:

  • Attaches to trees or other hanging options with D rings, and includes a twenty-foot cord for your convenience
  • Can also function as a dry sack to hold clothes or a sleeping bag when you don’t need a shower right away
  • Shower flow can be adjusted for longer showers or more water pressure

Sea To Summit Pocket Shower Review

Pros and Cons of this Camping Shower Bag

One of the major pluses of the Sea to Summit Pocket Shower is that it can give you a warm shower by just soaking up the sun all day. Leave it at your base camp, and you’ll have warm water ready by evening, or you can set it up with cold water if you don’t mind a chilly shower.


  • Contoured shower head allows for equal spray and efficient use of water
  • High quality materials mean this is totally waterproof and is made to last for quite a while
  • Shower does not leak, unlike some other shower options that waste water by leaking
  • Holds plenty of water for one person to take a full shower or two people to rinse off quickly


  • According to some reviewers, the Sea to Summit Pocket Shower doesn’t offer enough water pressure for a comfortable shower. However, the lack of water pressure does mean you can take a longer shower or get a couple of super short showers out of one bag of water.

Is the Sea-to-Summit Pocket Shower for You?

Backpackers and backcountry campers who need a super lightweight shower option will like the Sea to Summit Pocket Shower. The shower is easy to compact and easy to use. If you want a really hot shower, you might look at propane options, however, since this shower will mostly get warm unless you have a very long, hot day to make it get warmer.

Best Price and Availability

Other than at a handful of specialty outdoor retail stores, the best availability for the Sea to Summit shower bag is going to be online (and the best price too!). Just click here to take advantage of today’s incredible best price now, and save!

Sea To Summit Pocket Shower Sale

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