Zodi Battery Operated Camping Showers

Zodi Battery Operated Camping Showers

Zodi Battery Operated Camping Showers are absolutely the highest rated battery powered camp showers on the market today. These showers are essentially just shower pumps, so they don’t actually heat your water. However, they can be used to take showers from natural sources, such as a nearby lake or stream. If you want warmer water, you can also put water in a five gallon bucket and let it warm up throughout the day in the sun. Then, these Zodi showers can give you plenty of water pressure for a nice shower at the end of the day.

Features of the Zodi Battery Operated Camping Showers

One good thing about these showers by Zodi, a premier name in camping showers, is that the water pump has a debris screen. This keeps you from getting pelted with gunk out of your natural water source, and it also helps your shower work longer. It also has an eight-foot shower hose, which means it’s more versatile. This is also one of the lightest weight options on the market at just 1.4 pounds.

Features Include:

  • From one of the premier camp shower companies, Zodi
  • Debris screen on water pump protects it
  • Eight foot shower hose
  • Weighs just 1.4 pounds

Zodi Battery Operated Camping Shower Review

What User Reviews Are Saying

This is one of the highest rated options on the market today if you don’t necessarily need a hot shower. Reviewers like the water-saving shower head, although it isn’t ergonomical. They also like the high water pressure you can get out of this shower, as well as the fact that it can run on simple D cell batteries that will last for quite a while.


  • Highest user ratings of all the battery operated camping showers
  • Adjustable water-saving shower head
  • High water pressure
  • Runs on 4 standard D-cell batteries


The shower head on this unit isn’t ergonomical, so it can be a bit awkward to use. Hanging it up rather than using it in your hand can help this problem, though.

Is This The Perfect Battery Operated Outdoor Shower for You?

The Zodi Battery Operated Camping Showers are a great option if you want to save money and get one of the best rated battery operated camping showers on the market today. It’s also great if you just want cold water and high water pressure and aren’t concerned about having your water heated. Plus, you can use these showers in tandem with tankless water heaters, sometimes, to get the best bang for your buck and to get a versatile camping shower experience.

Get The Best Price & Availability

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Zodi Battery Operated Camping Showers Sale Best Price

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