Stansport Battery-Powered Portable Shower

Stansport Battery-Powered Portable Shower

The Stansport Battery-Powered Portable Shower is a good option to use if you just need running water at your camp site or your RV, but don’t necessarily need it to be hot. Like other battery operated camping showers, this one is just a pump that you can put in a nearby lake or stream. It pumps the water, but doesn’t warm it up. This shower can get you some decent water pressure, though, so it’s great for a refreshingly cool shower at the end of a long day of hiking or fishing. Here’s what you need to know about this Stansport shower:

Features of the Stansport Battery-Powered Portable Shower

One of the major features of the Stansport Battery-Powered Portable Shower is that it has adjustable flow control and a built-in debris screen that protects the pump from extra debris that comes from natural water sources. This compact unit weighs just three pounds, so it’s great for a car camping trip when you don’t want to take a long a lot of extra items.

Features Include:

  • Adjustable flow control
  • Built-in debris screen
  • Weighs in at three pounds

Stansport Battery-Powered Portable Shower Review

Pros and Cons of This Unit

Reviewers have reported serious quality problems with this unit, but it does have good accessories with it. Users like the shower head that comes with a suction cup so you can stick it to the side of a truck or RV easily. They also like the long seven foot shower hose, which makes this unit a little more versatile. However, a couple of design problems lead to lower quality than what you’ll find with other units, such as the Zodi battery powered showers.


  • Good accessories
  • Shower head has a suction cup mount
  • Seven foot shower hose


Is This the Battery Powered Shower for You?

As far as battery powered camping showers go, the Stansport Battery-Powered Portable Shower is middle of the road. It does have good accessories and some worthwhile features, but it also may not last more than a few camping trips. If you just want a unit to use once or twice, then it could work for you. Otherwise, you might check out higher-quality options that will work better for longer.

Get the Best Availability and Price

If you do decide that this is the battery operated shower for you, you’re not likely to be able to find it at your local camping outlet store. Instead, look for it online, where it’s easy to find and where you’ll get the absolute best price available. Get today’s best price here.

Stansport Battery Operated Shower Best Price

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