GSI Cedar Shower Deck for Camping Showers

GSI Cedar Shower Deck for Camping Showers

The new GSI Cedar Shower Deck for Camping Showers is an easy to use and convenient shower deck which is portable and can also be used as a lightweight carry case for various bathroom accessories as well as your toiletries. The GSI Cedar Shower Deck has been carefully crafted and built with the finest of cedar as well as hardware that is designed to be resistant to rust. The GSI Cedar Shower Deck is one of the best camping shower accessories you can get.

Features of the GSI Cedar Shower Deck for Camping Showers

Some cool features of the GSI Cedar Shower Deck make it more than just a raised platform to stand on in your camping shower. The elevated platform of natural cedar wood will not only protect your feet and prevent slipping; it will keep your feet up out of the mud! The innovative folding design and integrated handle allows you to store your toiletries and towels in the shower – very convenient for keeping all your showering stuff in one place. The deck is also constructed and built of strong, sturdy and durable cedar and can therefore easily support even the “healthiest” members of your. The cedar is also resistant to extreme temperature, rust and also moisture and therefore can be relied upon to provide quality service for many years and for many camping trips.

Gsi Cedar Shower Deck For Camping Showers Review

Best Features

  • Clever and innovative folding design which an integrated handle system allows you to store your towels, bathroom accessories and toiletries in the shower deck when you are not making use of them
  • The deck is made of strong and durable cedar that will support even the heaviest members of your group.
  • The cedar is resistant to moisture, temperature and rust, thus enabling it to provide long term service
  • The raised platform of cedar protects your feet from any muddy or slippery surfaces and allows you to enjoy your shower without the worry of slipping or falling

Is the Shower Deck Suitable for the Best Camping Showers?

The many features and utilities of the GSI Cedar Shower Deck for camping showers makes it a suitable and an ideal addition to the best camping showers in the market today and not only solves all your showering problems while on a camping trip but also helps in enhancing your showering experience while outdoors.

Best Price & Availability

The GSI shower deck is not likely carried at your neighborhood sporting goods store. Online is obviously the place to find all the best camping showers. Click here for Today’s Best Price on the GSI shower deck.

GSI Cedar Shower Deck Sale

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